Outdoor Beach Umbrella Hook Nail Four Legs Hooks Garden Umbrella Plastic Four Prongs Hanger(White)

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Product information:
1. Name: Beach umbrella hook
2. Color: blue, white, red
3. Applicable: Sun umbrella
4. Material: Plastic
5. Product Features: Can be used to hang a variety of bags, bags, clothes, etc.

1. High quality beach hooks - This umbrella hook is compact and sturdy. The high quality, lightweight and durable polypropylene design ensures that the four hooks do not snap or break. Provide extra support for small items such as towels, digital cameras, beach bags, such as sunglasses, cameras, mobile phones, etc.
2. Very easy to install - no need to worry about installation, no assembly tools. Simply position the umbrella hook exactly where you want it and then secure the screw in place. The ideal solution for towels, hats, bags and other valuables, you don't want sand, damp and dirty.
3. Very simple but very useful. This 4-claw beach hook has been carefully designed to fit the beach umbrella firmly.
One Package Weight 0.07kgs / 0.16lb
Qty per Carton 404lb
Carton Weight 30kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 73cm * 73cm * 36cm / 28.74inch * 28.74inch * 14.17inch
Loading Container 20GP: 139 cartons * 404 pcs = 56156 pcs
40HQ: 322 cartons * 404 pcs = 130088 pcs



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